Friday, May 9, 2014

Nesting-Phase 1

What is it about pregnancy that makes you want to completely remodel your house? Surely it's a hormonal thing! I mean it can't just be me, can it? The Craziness is about to get real in so many ways here. I can compose a list of over 20 things that I want to redo in my house in just about 2 minutes. Now that I have this little extra something inside, I feel the gusto to get moving. Why is that? It's hard to stop myself and make myself slow down with the realization that I am only one woman. I have to succumb to the realization that I might not get everything done, and for me that is a very hard reality.

After we recently found out that we were expecting #4 in addition to our crew of 3 boys, I decided I needed to give my closet a make over. Let's face it, after having 3 boys I felt the odds were pretty good that #4 would be a boy too. If that's the case, then Momma is going to need a little place to feel special, glamorous, and peaceful all at the same time. I can't afford my own personal spa, so why not make my closet a little dressing boutique. Here are some before shots. No judging please. Mom, I am hoping that I will someday learn to put all of my clothes away;).

Pretty messy, I know.  What I am not showing is the pile of maternity clothes draped across the ironing board in my bedroom, because  I had nowhere else to put them.  

Let's talk about these wood hangers.  I love the way they look in a nice organized closet with 5 sets of clothes, but realistically they take up a lot of room!

I got this shoe organizer a couple of years ago at a garage sale for $10.  I thought it would be  a great way to organize my shoes.  Unfortunately the shelves in the closet made it stick out and it was always in the way of the door. 

As you can see, I am a big fan of clunky, chunky necklaces and they are everywhere!

Here are my after shots: 

Clean and much more organized.  I can now see all my purses, jewelry  and accessories.   When you see it, you tend to use it more!  

I used 3 dowels painted with gold paint and  to hang my necklaces and purses.  I love being able to see them out instead of stashed in a tote or drawer. 

This desk is a little craigslist find that I painted white and gave it some new brass hardware.  It gives the space a crisp sharp look. 

I used and old frame to create an earring holder with decorative tin that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. 

I picked up these cute little boxes from Target to put all my bracelets in. 

I switched out most of my wood hangers for black velvet huggie-hangers.  They created so much space!  I did do some purging, but I was amazed at how much space was available by just switching hangers. 

I used my hole saw on my drill to create a place for my shoe rack to slide through the shelf and finished it off with a ceiling medallion.  Now I can open and close my door without messing up the shoes.

All in all I am pretty happy with the results and I am keeping it much cleaner these days too.  I still struggle with places to put maternity clothes, but that is a temporary problem;)

Here's one more before and after:

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tis the season for a little GOLD!

I hope that everyone had a very blessed Thanksgiving.  I know that it's the season of holiday business and sometimes it gets so easy to lose track of the important things like family and loved ones.  I hope that with Christmas coming, we will have more time to reflect on how blessed we are.

I have been CRAZY busy, but  that is good.  The last post that I had was regarding a trunk sale that I had at a local fabric store,  The Yardhouse.  After that,  I moved several pieces to a brand new consignment store called "" and in addition to that I joined forces with some other crafty gals and opened a booth at the Market Place Antique Mall.  

Here is a piece that I just finished.  It's a little desk that I picked up over the summer and I had a lot of fun with it. I used Amy Howard's Next Step paint in Cartouche Green and highlighted the detailing with some gold buff-N-rub.  I topped everything off with a nice coat of wax  and I think  she is just gorgeous!

Here is a photo of her before her make over:

I can't even believe it is the same desk!  

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Friday, October 18, 2013


I am teaming up with Kelly Penn of Pennteresting Finds and Finishes and we are hosting a Trunk Sale this Saturday in front of Yardhouse Fabrics.  If you haven't been into Yardhouse Fabrics, now is the perfect time to check it out.  I have used some of their fantastic fabrics on my pieces, just take a look.

Here I used a bold black and white stripe material accented by gold trim.  I love the way this turned out,    ultra glamorous.  Worthy of tiger chic, don't you think?

Here I used some of their great fabric to line the inside drawers of this dresser/console.  The Piece has two drawers and a shelf and is super functional.  Use it as a changing table in a nursery or as a entertainment console or behind a couch as a sofa table. 

I updated this old table with a new finish on the top and the base.  I added new fabric, from Yardhouse Fabrics of course, and painted the chairs with a pop of green.  You can't see it very well in this picture, but there is a small green pinstripe running through the fabric.  

I have two matching headboards that I picked up and painted them with a nice pop of blue.  Kelly has done two nightstands to coordinate with these and they will be adorable together.   Perfect for two little girls.  

This is an oldie, but a goodie.  He is finding his way over to the trunk show as well.   

 There will be lots too look at so stop by, say hi, and grab a treat.  We would love to see you!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feels Like Fall

The past two days have been cooler and wet, reminding me ever so gently that fall is just around the corner.  I took the opportunity of cooler temps to pull out all the fall decorations.

I love fall, the cooler temps, leaves changing, comfort foods, warm sweaters and lots of baking.  Speaking of baking, I took this opportunity to whip up a batch of pumpkin bars!!  I absolutely love them with warm cider and a good book.  Nothing beats that on a wet fall day.  

These bars are so moist and dreamy.  I could eat an entire pan.  Fortunately, I was short on powder sugar and I had to barrow some from the neighbors, lovely couple with two darling kids.  I gave them a generous serving to repay them for their kindness.  I am very blessed to have great neighbors, they are never short of an egg, molasses, or powdered sugar.

The warm cider I like to doctor with cinnamon, ground cloves, and caramel sauce.  It is lovely.

I found the pumpkin bar recipe in a "Slice for Life" cook book that I got when I worked at an Insurance company, almost 10 years ago. It was submitted by Kathy Garrett and it is awesome!  

Pumpkin Bars:
1 Small can of Solid Pumpkin Pie filling
1 C. Oil or applesauce
2 C Sugar
4 Eggs
2 C Flour
2 tsp Cinnamon 
1 tsp Baking soda
1 tsp salt

1/2 C. Margarine
3 oz cream cheese (sometimes I use more)
1 tsp Vanilla 
Powdered Sugar-this is based on personal preference

Combine pumpkin, Oil, eggs, and sugar and mix well. Add flour, Cinnamon, baking soda, and salt . Pour in greased Jelly roll pan and bake at 350 for 25-30 min until done.  The sides should start to pull away from the pan. When the cake is cooled prepare the icing by creaming butter and cream cheese. Add Vanilla and powder sugar. I should not that the icing is just enough for a thin layer.  If you are an icing junky, you may want to double it. Grab some warm cider and a good book and enjoy! If you want a little kick, add an ounce of Hot Damn to your cider!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pallet Creations

Nothing, in my book, is better than free.

Recently we purchased some concrete pavers for our back patio area and they were delivered on one of these free beauties......

 (Picture via Florida Pallet LLC)

I have seen some pretty creative projects that have been born from these very rustic, rough beauties.

Here we see a lovely wall created from broken down pallets.

(via Pinterest-original source unknown)

Here is an awesome industrial style coffee table with beautiful rusty old wheels. furniture


Here is a lovely little potting bench . station made from pallet-- I love the idea of using pallets for furniture
(via designsponge)

So now that I have a free pallet I just had to put it to good use.  So one morning after body combat, I came home and started hacking on my little friend.  It was a double workout for sure!

When we moved into our house, 9 years ago, we brought with us an old aquarium stand that belonged to my husband before we started dating.  I was growing weary of looking at this poor little stand and felt like it could use a little love too.

I decided that it would be an excellent table base for our new outdoor console.  I cut all of my pallet pieces to the size that would fit the base.

I then stained each of the boards with a stain that I happened to have on hand. 

Here is what the boards looked like after the staining process. 

 I then chose colors that would coordinate with my patio color pallet and dry brushed a coat of paint on. The dry brushing let some of the dark wood peak through, for a vintage rustic feel.

 I took some power grab and glued them to my stand.

Here is the finished product.  I will note that the power grab did come loose in the hot weather.  I will be drilling holes and screwing these in, but that sounds like a good winter projects.  For now I will just keep on enjoying it.  

So, do you have any pallets hanging around?  

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