Friday, June 22, 2012

Macrame Memories

Apparently this week should have been titled "Fun with Rope", cause I have been using it on everything.   I found these planters at a garage sale and of course I loved them, but had no idea how or where I would use them.  I brought them home, scrubbed them and then took some fine steel wool and WD-40 to them.  They had little spots of rust here and there that I wanted to get rid of. After that I primed then painted them with a flat black spray paint.

Well, any good person would have stopped there, because they were looking quite good.  I don't exactly fit that bill.  Just so happens, that my lovely mother had given me a large spool of jute rope.  When I asked her  about it's origins, she told  me it was as old as I was .  She used it when she was in her MACRAME phase-- and this just makes me giggle. I can remember having plants hanging in macrame holders in our childhood home.  I even remember a big hoop macrame swing that she had made to hang from our deck.  It was so big I could almost lay down in it.  I would love to have that swing now.  Just reminds me that there is nothing my mom can't do.  If one day I do half of  what she does, I will be elated!

I had to put this rope to use, and since I don't know how to macrame, I decided to weave it around my planters in a basket like form.  Here is the final product.

I have two topiary that I purchased at a garage sale last year that needed a substantial planter and I think these will work just fine. 

The topiary on the left is in its original basket and it looks a little dinky, especially side by side. 

Now I just need to finish the second one. 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Twine is fine

Here is a little rehab that I worked on today.  I am a sucker for fake fruit in a bowl and being the mom of three children, some of this fake fruit has been, well tested.   

See those cute little bite marks, that's what I am talking about.  Needless to say that I know that I have found each of them on more than one occasion trying to eat the fake fruit.  Why???? It doesn't really even look like real fruit.  I could perhaps understand if it really looked like an apple, but I have never seen an apple like this one.   I guess they were just lacking a little fiber in their diet. 

Armed with a glue gun and $2.47 worth of twine I set out to cover the bite marks.  Several hours and one sore trigger finger later, I am finally finished. 

This is a project where you can truly see the "fruits" of your labor. Sorry, but I couldn't resist. and Proper

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A pirate says ......CHEEESE!!!

Every toddler needs a little desk to read, color and play with chalk at (yes, I am sure I will be regretting this later).   I purchased this little table and chair from a close  friend.  Here is a quick before shot, after I sanded the top.  The top had been loved by 3 little boys and they really loved it, I mean really loved it.

 I gave it a coat of Emperors Silk red and topped it off with a little Chalkboard paint.   Then I took some
white paint and added lines across the top.  I am hoping that my boy will be super ambitious and want to learn to write his name there, if he ever learns to sit still.

I think it turned out pretty cute.  Now lets see how little man likes it.

I think it is just his size.

He is very cute when he is taken by surprise.  So, I asked him to say cheese........

and he did, at 80,000 decibels.  That's my boy!

I think he likes it and it looks great in his little pirate room.

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