Project Tips

Painting Tips

Whether you are painting a room or just a little something, don't worry if you get interupted.  You can wrap the wet bristles of a brush in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge.  This keeps you brush from drying out while you handle the interuption.  

It is a good idea to take painters tape and wrap it around the metal binding of the brush and even down a little bit.  This helps keep the paint on the lower portion of the bristles. 

Paint rollers can also be wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in the fridge for overnight storage.  This is great, because I always seem to start a project right when everyone has just gone to bed!

Never underestimated the power of wood filler and a little sanding!

When you paint the front of drawers, place a little painters tape on the back side of the hardware holes to keep the paint from falling on the inside of your drawers.  It only takes a minute and will keep your drawers looking like new.

Paint upside down first.  This allows you to leave top surfaces for last, making sure that you don't damage them while trying to get at hard to reach places.


  1. Do you have a favorite primer or paint? i am getting ready to start on a bookcase/table/chairs and had bad luck with my last project (latex paint and primer)

  2. Jessica,
    I do like the annie sloan paint, but you either have to drive to St. Louis to get it or order it online. It is also a little pricey and eventhough they claim you don't have to prep the wood, I almost always do a little sanding. I still think that sanding is the best prep for any paint job. It really makes you feel your piece and you notice all the details. Invest in a good orbital sander!

    I have tried the clark & Kinsington paint that Westlake carries and I do like that as well as the Sherwin Williams enamel. As far as primer, Lowes has a high adhesion primer that is from Valspar and it works quite well. I hope that helps and I will check back to your blog to see the finished pics!